A Drowning Fisherman was Saved by a Carpenter

A Drowning Fisherman was Saved by a Carpenter

a short sermon by: The Storyteller

04/02/14 – 4am

There is a story in the Bible where Jesus sent his disciples to cross the lake. Jesus was at the hill / mountain praying. According to the story Jesus saw his disciples struggled to cross due to the strong wind. Around 4am, Jesus walk on water but not for the purpose of rescuing them. According to the story “He walk on by” that was funny. As if Jesus was teasing them. By the way the disciples thought Jesus was a ghost. These kids are funny

Peter was dying to be like his Rabbi Jesus and he decided to walked on water going to Jesus. Yup you read it right Peter walked on water.

The story said Peter’s fear made him submerge in the water. That was the funny, profound and compelling scene. Peter the fisherman was saved by a carpenter. I know Peter could swim… he was a fisherman and a fisherman should know how to swim.

Peter wanted to be like Jesus. He wanted to walk on the water like Jesus. He could swim back to the boat but he decided to grab the extended arm of Jesus.

The story is about denying yourself, trust, following Jesus, etc.

What is your dangerous water? What is your strength that you always rely on? When you feel that you are drowning spiritually / emotionally will you be like Peter or you will swim back to the boat? Will you grab the extended arm of Jesus?

May you rely and trust God. May you see His extended arm for you. May you enjoy the dangerous water and believe that He is there extending His arm for you. Grace and Peace and Love to you my friend!


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